Police: Robbery Suspect Used DART Rail as Getaway

Investigators say man may be responsible for dozens of robberies

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    Investigators said Deshannon Lewis used DART rail to get around North Texas.

    Investigators across North Texas are comparing notes after Dallas police arrested a man on suspicion of robbing an ATM.

    Dallas police arrested Deshannon Lewis on Saturday night as he ran toward a DART Rail station on South Lancaster Road. Police said Lewis had just robbed a Chase bank customer who was getting money from the drive-through ATM across the street.

    Investigators said they suspect Lewis is responsible for dozens of similar hold-ups across the Metroplex.

    "Garland is involved in the investigation and as far away as Fort Worth," Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said. "Basically, wherever the DART line took him, is where he'd go to commit these offenses."

    Avery Carter said he believes Lewis robbed him as he was getting cash a Bank of America drive-through ATM on Greenville Avenue near a rail stop.

    "I heard footsteps coming behind the car," Carter said. "The moment I turned to my left, there was a robber there with a gun, and he told me not to move."

    "I just floored the accelerator, took off and hit the street," Carter said.

    Police said all of the victims were robbed at night at drive-through ATMs near rail stations.

    "It was male, female, different aged individuals," Janse said. "He basically would just sit in the shadows waiting for someone to pull up at an ATM."

    Police were watching the ATM on South Lancaster Street, one of the robber's favorite targets. Officers chased Lewis to the nearby rail stop.

    "I'm glad the police department was able to catch him in the act," Carter said. "Hopefully it will be an open-and-shut case."