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Driver Charged With DWI After Pedestrian Killed in Crash

Driver faces DWI charge in crash; no charges in pedestrian death



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    Police say a man was walking on a roadway when a drunk driver hit him, pushing him over a guardrail and falling 19 feet to his death.

    A pedestrian was killed in Grand Prairie after he was hit Sunday night by a driver accused of intoxicated driving.

    Naiim Bethea, 19, was struck at about 9:40 p.m. on Corn Valley Road by Kirby Creek.

    "He was walking in the lane of traffic, wearing dark clothing, and had headphones on, probably listening to music," Sgt. Eric Hansen said.

    Police say George Roarx, 31, who was driving northbound on Corn Valley Road, knocked Bethea over the guardrail and down 19 feet into a creek bed.

    Roarx is being charged with intoxicated driving but will not face charges in Bethea's death.

    "Consulting with the DA's office this morning determined that the pedestrian was the primary contributor to the collision," Hansen said. "The driver is not being charged with any type of manslaughter but just the DWI offense."

    Hansen said there are no signs prohibiting pedestrians where the accident occurred, but he advises that people use the sidewalk and bridge that are available across the street.

    Kevin Johnson, who lives near the crash site, said he tries to avoid walking on that side of the road.

    "Since I lived here I've walked on that side twice -- never again," he said. "I've always walked on this side, because they drive fast up and down here."