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Occupy Dallas Federal Hearing Moved to Tuesday

hearing moving to new judge's court



    The city says Occupy Dallas must correct a number of violations in order to continue to stay at City Hall Park.

    A federal hearing to determine the future of Occupy Dallas occupying City Hall land has been moved from 4 p.m. Monday to Tuesday morning.

    The hearing is being moved to accommodate a different judge's court.  If the court remands the case back to state court, Occupy Dallas will return there and seek the relief originally requested last week before the city filed it's removal action.

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    Occupy Dallas filed a temporary restraining order Friday to keep the city from evicting the protesters over a long list of grievances including waste, sanitation and criminal activity.

    Shortly before that hearing on the restraining order was to take place, the city filed a Notice of Removal.

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    A brief discussion was held Friday between the two parties where they both agreed to wait and talk again Monday.

    In the meantime, Occupy Dallas wouldn't file the restraining order and the city wouldn't evict them if they agreed to abide by a few rules regarding signage and using the restroom inside City Hall.

    Occupy Dallas maintains they are not in breach of their agreement with the city and that the city's perception of a breach is because they have misconstrued the settlement agreement.

    The next hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday.