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NTTA Sign Shop Stays Busy During Bad Weather

Tollway agency's sign shop replaces damaged signs as soon as possible



    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013)

    The thousands of signs on the roads often are a forgotten casualty of severe weather.

    Bad weather result in cars on the side of the road, some of which plow through whatever is in the way -- including signs.

    The North Texas Tollway Authority's Eric Hemphill gets signs back up as soon as possible. Critical signs are replaced within 24 hours, with other signs taking no more than a few days.

    "Crews will identify a sign as down in the field," he said. "They'll process a work order. The work order will then be linked to that sign. The sign will be picked out of the warehouse stock here. [Crews will] take it out and replace it."

    The NTTA's sign shop makes all of the signs on site, most in a matter of minutes.

    A lot of thought goes into the design, especially as it relates to safety, such as the break-away bases.

    "If the vehicle does impact the sign, it breaks free from its base," Hemphill said. "It kicks up and away from the vehicle so it does not go in and hurt anybody."