Men May Have Tried to Kidnap Plano Fourth-Grader

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    Plano police say several men may have tried to kidnap a fourth-grader as he walked to school.

    Police said several men may have tried to kidnap a fourth-grader as he walked to school in north Plano on Tuesday morning.

    The boy told police a gray van pulled up alongside him as he was walking to Skaggs Elementary School. Three men were in the van, he said.

    Plano Attempted Abduction

    [DFW] Plano Attempted Abduction
    Teachers and parents at Skaggs Elementary in Plano are on alert after several men may have tried to kidnap a 4th grader as she walked to school. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009)

    "They told him, 'Get in the car, we want to take you to school,'" said Nick Garcia, who is in same fourth-grade class as the victim. "He told me he just ran."

    "Our whole class was pretty scared when we heard that," Garcia said.

    By lunchtime, the principal of Skaggs sent an e-mail warning to more than 500 parents about the incident.

    "I know that’s not a very common occurrence," Skaggs parent Richard Hauglie said. "But when it does happen, it makes you feel like, who can you trust?"

    Plano police said they will have extra patrols around Skaggs Elementary and other schools around the city Wednesday morning.

    And they won't be the only people keeping an eye out.

    "We will all be on the lookout for a silver van, right?" Hauglie said.

    Garcia's father, Victor, said he will walk his son to school until police find the van.

    "He is going to walk with a parent, possibly for the rest of the year," he said.