MacArthur HS Clear After Suspicious Package Investigation

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    Authorities have evacuated MacArthur High School in Irving ISD after finding a suspicious package.

    Authorities evacuated MacArthur High School in Irving ISD around 1:15pm after a suspicious package was discovered on the campus.
    They say students and faculty were evacuated to a safe area south of the school while emergency crews worked on the package with a water cannon.

    Irving Police say the package was wrapped in birthday wrapping paper and addressed generically to the high school from another address out of the state. Police also mentioned some misspellings on the address label that made them suspicious.

    Students were let back inside the building around 2:30 p.m., when the situation was cleared by officials. There was no explosive material in the package. Irving Police would not release exactly what was inside the package at this time, as their investigation is still ongoing.