Police: Device Blew Up in Man's Hands Near Gas Line

FBI, police search Plano home as part of investigation into explosion

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    The FBI and the Plano police bomb squad are searching a home two miles away from where a bomb went off near a major gas line.

    Plano police and the FBI are investigating a Monday morning explosion near a gas line in Plano.

    Police spokesman David Tilley said a man was injured just after midnight when a device exploded in his arms near a gas line along the 3600 block of Parker Road.

    "He had some type of device with him," Tilley said. "We don't know what his intent still is. It appears whatever he had exploded in his hands."

    Investigators said they don't know if the man intended to hurt himself or others near the gas line. Police said the gas system, which helps deliver natural gas to homes, was not tampered with or compromised.

    Man Injured by Exploding Device Near Gas Line: Police

    [DFW] Man Injured by Exploding Device Near Gas Line: Police
    Police are investigating the connection between an injured man and a gas leak in Plano Monday morning.

    Plano police said they and the FBI were conducting search warrants at a residence in the 3200 block of Anchor Drive on Monday night as part of the investigation.

    People living off Parker Road said the explosion rocked the neighborhood and rattled windows. Resident Scott Precourt said it was a noise like unlike any he's ever heard.

    "It wasn't thunder, but it sounded like a bomb," he said.

    Some residents said thought it was gunfire.

    Lan Nickens said he and his neighbors rushed outside after the explosion and discovered an injured man covered in blood and begging for help.

    "He said, 'I was out jogging. I don't know what happened, [I'm] just in a lot of pain. Can you help me?'" Nickens said.

    Police said the man told them he was hit by a car while he was jogging. But investigators said his blood trail led to a natural gas regulator station.

    Investigators said they believe the man was injured when some sort of shrapnel cut him all over his upper body when the device exploded.

    "Nothing on him was burnt," Nickens said. "There was a lot of puncture wounds on him."

    The FBI gathered metal from the street, shrapnel from the fence and took apart the pipe and discovered it was not damaged.

    Residents said the explosion was frightening.

    "That's just scary," Tammy Nickens said. "Our kids play out here every day. It's just scary to think someone would be stupid enough to do that."