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Fort Worth Trustees Still Debating District Map

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    Minority leaders are concerned that a new map may hamper the Hispanic community's ability to elect Latino leaders.

    The Fort Worth school board voted 5-4 to delay redistricting after a heated meeting Tuesday night.

    The map that is currently up for consideration adds a ninth district, the Star-Telegram reports, but also moves three white neighborhoods (Berkeley Place, Park Hill and Mistletoe Heights) into the 8th and 9th, largely Latino, districts.

    Minority leaders are concerned that a higher Anglo-turnout of voters in the districts may dilute the Hispanic community's ability to elect Latino leaders.

    The redistricting map was originally proposed by a committee hired by the board.  Minority trustees want to adopt a version of the map revised by a San Antonio lawyer representing a group of Hispanics who sued the district for past redistricting efforts, the paper reported.

    Berkeley Place, Park Hill and Mistletoe Heights are currently in District 5.  Under the revised map, Berkeley Place and Park Hill would move to District 8 while Mistletoe Heights would move to the newly created District 9.