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DISD Employees Resign for a Payout

Hundreds of teachers turn in resignation forms for payout

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    Hundreds of Dallas Independent School District teachers and employees turned in their resignation and retirement forms on Saturday.

    After teaching for 40 years Grace Akbar is calling it quits.

    "Less respect for teachers makes you kind of sad when you go to work," said Akbar."Things have changed so much, so the money seemed like it was the Godsend.".

    She joins more than 400 other DISD employees who have decided to volunteer to leave the district.

    All eligible DISD employees will receive 15 percent of their base salary, up to $10,000 if they agree to work through the end of the school year and submit their resignation.

    "The monetary incentive is certainly a draw," said director of  DISD Human Resources Claudia Rodriguez.

    Rodriguez said DISD being aware of employees plans to resign or retire early gives the district an idea of what to expect for the school district’s budget.

    "It saves money because it truly it gives us a picture of the vacancies we have for next year as we face some of the budget challenges," said Rodriguez.

    DISD faces a $253 million deficit, as a worst case scenario because of cuts in state funding next year.

    "It also reduces the potential of actually releasing teachers, you hope that these vacancies that are being created by these resignations will actually reduce the number of layoffs that we have to do, should we have to do those," said Rodriguez.

    For teachers like Jenelle Bransford, who has only been in the classroom 4 years, the payout is perfect timing.

    "Well my husband and I will be moving to El Paso in June, he's becoming a dentist in El Paso, so we just thought we take the money, might as well, I'm leaving anyway," said Bransford.

    Employees have until March 8, to submit their resignation forms, unless the $7 million that has been set aside runs out first.