Witness Takes Stand in Bleach Injection Trial

Witness in bleach injection trial backs up nurse

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    UIG via Getty Images
    Witness in bleach injection trial backs up nurse's testimony.

    A former co-worker of an East Texas dialysis nurse on trial for killing five patients is backing up a defense theory that syringes were used to measure bleach for cleaning.

    Prosecutors say Kimberly Saenz killed five patients in Lufkin by injecting bleach into their dialysis lines. Saenz's attorney, Ryan Deaton, says his client was spotted measuring bleach into a syringe because she wanted to put the right amount into cleaning water.

    The Lufkin Daily News reports that defense witness Nick Luker said Tuesday that he saw workers at the DaVita Dialysis clinic use both cups and syringes for bleach.

    Other DaVita employees who testified for the prosecution said they never used syringes that way.

    Saenz could get the death penalty if convicted.

    Her trial enters its 13th day Wednesday.