Arrest Made in Multiple Attempted Abductions

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    A 25-year-old man is accused of attacking two women in Lewisville while they were out for a walk or jog and trying to pick up two children outside an elementary school.

    Lewisville police have charged a 25-year-old man in the attempted kidnappings of two women and two girls this week.

    Police said the man attacked two women in Lewisville while they were out for a walk or jog and tried to pick up two children outside an elementary school.

    Man Suspected in Four Abduction Attempts

    [DFW] Man Suspected in Four Abduction Attempts
    Lewisville police say a 25-year-old man is suspected of attempting to abduct at least two women and two children. (Published Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011)

    Investigators said Rachel Fisher, 25, was attacked first.

    "At 10 in the morning, you really don't expect something like that to happen," she said. "He ran up behind me and pretty much put his hand up between my legs, and I yelled, 'Get off me,' and screamed."

    Police said they believe the same man tried again Tuesday. Kelly Jumper, 23, said she saw a man in a hoodie jump out behind some nearby bushes when she was out for an early-morning jog.

    "He spread his arms out and just grabbed me to his chest," she said.

    Like Fisher, Jumper managed to get away.

    "I pushed him away, hit him with my hands in his chest, and yelled, 'No,' and he immediately let go," she said.

    Police said a man with the same description also tried to pick up two 10-year-old girls Wednesday in separate incidents near Creekside Elementary School.

    "At least one of the children he did try to lure into his vehicle," Capt. Kevin Deaver said. "We don't what his intentions were, but they weren't good."

    Police said they found the man at a park near the school late Wednesday afternoon.

    "There's no logical reason for him to be there," Deaver said. "He has no kids that attend that school. When we asked why he was there, he didn't have a good reason for being there."

    “Really, I think on reviewing it and repeating the story back to people, I think he is just a pervert," Fisher said.

    Police said one of the victims positively identified the man in a lineup.

    Lewisville police have not released the man's name because several other police departments have contacted them saying he may also be behind attempted abductions in other cities.

    The man is charged with four counts of attempted kidnapping in Lewisville.