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Airport Outfit Turns Heads

Man wearing camouflage short-shorts, halter draws attention



    Airport Outfit Turns Heads
    Mark Oaks
    Mark Oaks, a passenger who flew with the man, snapped this photo at DFW.

    What is it about airports and airplanes that tend to bring out fairly odd behavior in some people.

    A flight attendant says “eff it,” grabs a beer and deplanes using the emergency slide; another flight attendant relieves a mother of a baby she’s “disciplining;” and most recently, a guy shows up at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport dressed like he’s about to perform in an avant-garde production of “La Cage aux Folles,” because the original isn’t avant-garde enough.

    You’ve seen the photo by now, right, as published on CNN’s iReport of the guy dressed in camouflage short-shorts, a midriff-bearing halter top — I know, guys wear “shirts” not “tops,” but this is definitely a “top” — thigh-high stockings, and a choker? He’s hanging around the concourse at the big airport waiting to board a flight with other first-class passengers.

    It looks from the photo that he’s not just hanging out, but also vogueing for any and all cameras that happen by. And not just on one occasion. So hey, kudos on the cajones, there, man.

    Perhaps just two questions remain. "What kind of shoes does one put with an outfit like that?" and “No belly-button pierce?”

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. His days of wearing skimpy bare-midriff stuff are long behind him, so are that guy’s but he doesn’t know it.

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