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Accused Puppy Killer Asks a Judge to Reduce Bond

Darius Ewing has $100,000 bond for animal cruelty charge



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    The 4-month-old Lab-mix puppy died after being doused with lighter fluid and set on fire.

    A Dallas teen accused of setting a puppy on fire wants to get out of jail. Attorneys for Darius Ewing, 18, will ask a judge to reduce his bond amount on Thursday morning.

    The deadly animal cruelty case in Dallas has gained national attention. It’s expected to draw supporters on both sides to the Frank Crowley Courts Building for the 9 a.m. hearing.
    Ewing’s supporters say the $100,000 bond is higher than some murder cases. The group, Justice Seekers Texas is backing Ewing and say the bond is too high for a man with no prior record.
    “A bond to be set at that is an insult. It says that dogs are more important when it comes to African American men,” said Rev. Ronald Wright of Justice Seekers Texas.
    Animal lovers plan to gather on the courthouse stairs at 8 a.m.
    “Let’s get justice for Justice!” said one supporter.
    The 4-month-old stray lab terrier died in April, 10 days after being doused with lighter fluid and set on fire. The dog had third-degree burns on 70 percent of his body.
    Ewing turned himself in on the animal cruelty charges. He’s accused of torching the puppy with a lit cigarette as others looked on and laughed.
    Ewing’s mother, Keisha Hood, said there’s no way her son committed the crime. 
    "He did not do this. He was at my Mom's house all that week, the whole first week of April," Hood said.
    Animal rights supporters have held rallies honoring Justice.
    Prosecutors said Ewing should be held accountable.
    “Animal cruelty is a terrible thing. Anybody who would do that to a sweet innocent animal will cause harm to humans in the future,” said Davis Alex, from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.
    Ewing faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the felony animal cruelty charge.