Accused Cop Killer Receives Police Funeral Escort

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    David O'Neal Brown, Jr. was named the prime suspect in the fatal shooting of a Lancaster police officer and a third man on Father's Day.

    The decision to use on-duty Dallas Police officers to escort the funeral procession of David Brown Jr., the son and namesake of Dallas' Police chief, has sparked outrage. 

    Brown Jr. is believed to have shot and killed a Lancaster police officer along with an innocent bystander on Sunday, June 20. "It is a slap in the face to anyone who has lost a spouse in the line of duty to escort a cop killer," said Jo-Ann Jackson. Jackson’s husband of 2 months, Officer Brian Jackson, was killed in the line of duty in November 2005.

    Accused Cop Killer Receives Police Funeral Escort

    [DFW] Accused Cop Killer Receives Police Funeral Escort
    Controversy within the Dallas police department as police are called to escort the funeral procession of David Brown Junior. (Published Friday, June 25, 2010)

    She sat alongside the president of the Dallas Police Association to condemn the Dallas police motorcycle escort which was ordered to assist the Brown funeral procession. "The person whose body was being escorted to the funeral home received an honor that is reserved and preserved for officers who give their life in the line of duty," said Dallas Police Association President Glenn White. In a statement, Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm, said the action was "contrary to her specific instructions" and "conducted without Chief David Brown's knowledge."

    Deputy Chief Julian Bernal, a high ranking member of the department who oversees the traffic unit, acknowledged it was his call to dispatch the Dallas motorcycle officers, even though the Brown family hired a private motorcycle escort.

    "I made the right decision," Deputy Chief Bernal said. In Suhm’s statement she suggested the decision was made based on traffic congestion because of an accident along the freeway which created driving hazards. The Dallas Police Association has called for Deputy Chief Bernal's resignation. "Will I resign?" Bernal said, "absolutely not, I have no reason to." City Manager Mary Suhm said there will be a complete investigation and possible disciplinary action.