Fort Worth Asking Residents to Find, Fix Water Leaks

March 12-18 is Fix A Leak Week

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    Tim Graham
    Drip ......... drip ......... drip.

    The city of Fort Worth is asking residents to check for and repair any water leaks found at their homes or businesses.

    According to a news release from the city, "a continuous leak from a hole that is just one-sixteenth of an inch in diameter can waste 74,000 gallons of water over three months. If the continuous leak is one-quarter of an inch, the wasted water could top one million gallons."

    With that in mind, March 12-18 is Fix A Leak Week in the city.

    The city recommends checking toilets for silent leaks and replacing old showerheads with WaterSense-labeled models.

    More tips for water conservation can be found at