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Community Garden Feeds Hungry Families in Denton County

Shiloh Community Garden gives back to the community



    (Published Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011)

    A community garden in Denton is feeding hundreds of hungry families. Shiloh Community Garden is run by Denton Bible Church. It produces tons of pounds of produce each year, and it all goes back to the community.

    The idea for the garden was planted by Gene Gumfory. The Denton resident said the idea grew from a lot of faith.

    "God has a plan for our life. There's no question about that. It just took me a little longer to get here," Gumfory said.

    The 73-year-old called himself a city guy. He learned how to garden from his father and a few gardening classes, and two years ago, he started Shiloh Garden.

    "We are feeding the homeless, The Vision Ministries, Our Daily Bread, the local food bank, Helping Hands, Freedom House, Friends of the Family. Wherever there is a need, we have vegetables that we can give to them."

    More than 500 pounds of produce were harvested this week, and 8 tons of produce have been harvested since the start of the year.

    "It is incredible. It is really incredible," gardener Max Garrett said.

    "For a lot of people we are serving, they have diabetes or cardiovascular disease, and getting that fresh fruit and vegetables into their diet is really important for their long-term well being," Vision Ministries Direcor Patrick Smith said. "It is really rewarding to see the look in their eyes, to know we are giving them, not just food, but quality food, nutritious food."

    So far, that food has been abundant, and Gumfory's vision continues to grow.

    "You have to be careful for what you ask for," Gumfory said.  "Because now, we have more than we can use. All we need is a little time and a few more volunteers."