Unclaimed Money Not So Easy to Claim?

Woman has been trying to claim money on state list for nine years

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    A North Texas woman whose name is on the state unclaimed property list has been trying to get her money since 2002.

    A North Texas woman whose name is on the state unclaimed property list says it may not be so easy to claim any of the $2.2 billion that is owed to Texans.

    Kelly McCutcheon Canon has been trying since 2002 to get $3,700 that is listed under her maiden name. But the state refuses to acknowledge that she is the correct recipient, she said.

    Woman Tries to Claim Money for 9 Years

    [DFW] Woman Tries to Claim Money for 9 Years
    Kelly McCutcheon Canon says she's sick of hearing that the State of Texas wants residents to collect their unclaimed money because she's been trying to collect $3,700 for 9 years. (Published Tuesday, March 1, 2011)

    "If I were them and I had one person come forward for that, and it was only one person coming forward for that money, I'd at least look into making sure that that was the right person," she said.

    First Interstate Bank sent the money to Kelly McCutcheon, her maiden name, around 1986 or 1987.

    She said she moved around a lot then and it would have been easy for mail to be sent to a former address.

    Canon said there are several good reasons why the bank would have been sending her the money.

    When she found her name on the the Unclaimed Property List in 2002, the comptroller’s office told her she had "insufficient proof" that the money was actually for her and that she should contact the bank.

    But by then, First Interstate Bank no longer existed. Wells Fargo had taken itover by years before.

    Wells Fargo did not have a record of the initial transaction from the '80s but told her it did have a file showing that the money had been turned over to the state.

    "So what happens to the money, you know? It's sitting there in the treasury," Canon said.

    Representatives from Wells Fargo and the Texas Comptroller's Office said Tuesday that they are reviewing the case.

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    NBCDFW's Shane Allen contributed to this report.