Mesquite Couple Wins $25,000 From Bank

Neighborhood Credit Union awarded the Haskins for saving money

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    Thomas and Phyllis Haskins just wanted to win a plasma TV, instead they won the jackpot.

    The Haskins won $25,000 from Neighborhood Credit Union and received their grand prize in the form of an oversized check on Wednesday morning. Don't worry the actual prize money has been deposited in a savings account for the Haskins.

    Mesquite Couple Wins $25,000

    [DFW] Mesquite Couple Wins $25,000
    Thomas and Phillis Haskins won $25,000 from Neighborhood Credit Union. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012)

    Thomas Haskins, a retired U.S. Postal Service clerk, says most of the money will stay in savings, except for a little he and his wife they plan to spend on themselves.

    "We just wanted to win a TV set, we couldn't ask for anything else than this, so we're really surprised."" said Phyllis Haskins.

    The couple also plans to go out to a nice dinner and give their grandson $50 to buy himself something.