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Idol Fans Almost Dirty Dialing



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    Contestants Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Ricky Braddy and Megan Joy Corkrey onstage during the live elimination show of American Idol on March 4 in LA. The first 9 contestants of group 3 are eliminated in the results show on Fox.

    "American Idol" producers have fixed a problem just in time that will prevent fans from calling a phone sex line when they vote for one of the contestants.

    Turns out that the number 1-866-IDOLS-13 connects to a service promising a conversation with a "nasty girl" for up to $3.99 a minute.

    Ryan Seacrest dialed the number on his radio show and immediately called one of the producers. She's promising a new number will be announced on tonight's show.

    What the El!?! Editorial:

    Oops that would have been embarrassing and it would have caused the show to drag on a little longer which I'm sure we could all do without!

    It's taken too long to get to the final 13 in my opinion, and I don't really get what the new judge is bringing to the show but another set of boring advice for the singers.

    I just don't get it, I like Kara and all but Paula is lucid, so there's no point, and it doesn't matter what they think anyway, it's all up to the viewers!!

    The 13 contestants will be performing Michael Jackson songs tonight.

    (Associated Press)