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Cyborg Skiing

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Cyborg Skiing

Zeal Recon

These Zeal Recon Transcend ski goggles include a Heads Up Display.

CYBORG SKIING: Fighter pilots and video gamers will be right at home on the slopes while using Zeal Recon's Transcend's ski goggles that feature a built-in Heads Up Display (HUD). Showcasing speed, altitude, time, and GPS coordinates, these $350-$450 goggles seem to be right up Shaun White's alley. (After all, he's got his own video game)

We're actually thinking of buying a pair to wear during our everyday activities. Hopefully we'll get RSS feeds on it, or maybe we can hack an ammo display for paintball matches...

Watch the demo video below:

GET IT: $350 to $450 at Zeal Opticts.

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