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The Boomstick Has Company at the Ballpark



    The two-foot long hot dog known as the Boomstick has some new teammates on the menu at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

    In the last three years the Texas Rangers have made more than $35 million in improvements to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.

    As grand as the changes to center field may be, some may argue the most popular change was last year's addition of The Boomstick, a two-foot long hot dog that became an instantly legendary.

    Well, now The Boomstick has some teammates, and they can all be found at Club Texas-Sized 24, a concession stand catering to oversized portions.

    "We felt like we could build on that success and feature items that were 24 inches long or 24 ounces," said Shawn Maddox, the general manager for the company that provides food to the ballpark.

    Fan Food Challenge: The Boomstick

    [DFW] Matt on the Street Food Challenge: The Boomstick
    NBC 5's Matt Barrie challenges a Texas Rangers fan Tim to eat an entire loaded Boomstick, the ballpark's new 2 lbs. hot dog, in 15 minutes.

    Yes, apparently peanuts and Cracker Jacks just aren't going to do for the modern baseball fan.

    There's the Murphadilla, which is a two-foot-long quesadilla named for outfielder David Murphy. And there's the Rossome Nacho, which is a Boomstick topped with totally Rossome nacho ingredients. It's named for pitcher Robbie Ross.

    There's also a two-foot long pretzel and the Beltre Buster, which Maddox called "a large gourmet hamburger."

    Large really doesn't do it justice -- it's enormous.

    Just keep in mind, you don't have to eat it all by yourself.

    "We like to see fans sharing these items, sharing the experience," Maddox said.

    But when he was pressed for a calorie count just in case, he said with a laugh, "We don't count calories."

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