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Jon Daniels on Injury Plagued Pitching Staff: No Need To Panic

Daniels believes the depth of the Rangers' staff will help the team weather the injury bug




    Rangers’ general manager Jon Daniels has maintained the same stance on the trade deadline for about as long as anyone has been discussing the trade deadline, and he’s not changing it now--even though there’s cause for fans to wonder if that’s really for the best.

    Daniels still doesn’t expect the Rangers to be major players at the deadline, even though the Texas pitching staff has been hit hard by the injury bug over the last couple of months. The reason for his contentment with the pieces in place, simply enough, is a sense of confidence in the team’s depth.

    “We’ve talked about our depth all year and I think this is where that depth is huge,” Daniels said on Sunday, per the Dallas Morning News. “I think it helps us minimized the need to panic. And we are going to keep that depth in mind. We will continue to monitor situations and have conversations, but I don’t think we have 100 percent of the picture either.”