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Pegg, Serkis Set for Black Comedy About Britain's First Serial Killers




    John Landis' return to directing feature films might turn into the funniest movie about serial killers ever.

    At least right now it has one of the funniest casts. Isla Fisher, Andy Serkis and Tom Wilkinson have joined Simon Pegg in the black comedy "Burke and Hare," the Hollywood Reporter writes.

    "Hare" is based on a true story of the Britain's earliest serial killers, who followed up their dirty business by selling the corpses of their victims to a medical college for dissection. Pegg and Serkis will play the financially-acute killers with Fisher playing Pegg's girlfriend, an actress looking for a patron. As most patron-seeking actresses know, you really shouldn't bother with the details of where the money is coming from.

    Wilkinson plays the university medical honcho who is in need of more bodies, a major scientific problem of the time. This kind of talent in Landis' hands is going to be something special to watch.

    The real-life story is as messy as you'd expect: there are lynch mobs, a hanging and a karmically-appropriate medical dissection of one of the murderers. So it will be interesting to see how Landis walks the fine comedic line.