Landspout Spotted Over Lake Worth

Unusual weather phenomenon spotted over North Texas

North Texans were treated to an usual sight in the skies over Lake Worth late Friday afternoon.

An NBC 5 employee snapped the image of what appears to be a funnel forming over the community of Lake Worth. The landspout did not exist for a very long time, only a few seconds. meteorologist David Finfrock explained the phenomenon: "It definitely doesn't look like a dust devil. But tornadoes only form in conjunction with rotating thunderstorms. And there is no rain in this cloud, so it wasn't a classic tornado either. This was probably a landspout. A landspout is similar to a waterspout that can sometimes form in tropical air masses along the Gulf Coast.  Landspouts and waterspouts typically form with a developing cumulus cloud, and don't generally last more than a minute or two. They are weak and rarely cause damage."

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There were no reports of damage, only a strange sight rarely spotted in the North Texas metro area.

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