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Who Should Review NTTA: State or County?



    The North Texas Tollway Authority prefers North Texas to Austin -- at least when it comes to auditors.

    Collin County leaders have asked for an audit, and state lawmakers are also mulling a review for the agency.

    An NTTA spokeswoman said agency board members prefer the county-based review. The spokeswoman said she believes the county review would be faster and more in tune with the NTTA's operations.

    A bill filed in the Legislature by Rep. Rafael Anchia, D-Dallas, would put the NTTA through a review by the Sunset Advisory Commission. The commission's reviews are known to be complete and thorough.

    Collin County Asks for NTTA Audit

    [DFW] Collin County Asks for NTTA Audit
    County leaders have asked the agency for an audit while state lawmakers consider a bill for a Sunset Advisory Commission review of the NTTA.
    (Published Friday, April 29, 2011)

    Anchia has said that various issues, including toll fines, have come to the attention of lawmakers.

    "I  think anyone in leadership of NTTA would agree there are problems with the entity and have been problems, and I think they should welcome the type of review sunset brings," Anchia said in February. "We always need to be asking the question, have agencies gotten past their useful life? Are they fulfilling their mission? Are they doing so in an effective manner that is responsive to taxpayers? And that is what sunset review will provide."

    County leaders have come forward asking for a review of their own, and NTTA board members have agreed to an independent audit by a contractor.

    Bill Would Force NTTA to Justify Its Existence

    [DFW] Bill Would Force NTTA to Justify Its Existence
    A Dallas lawmaker is calling for a comprehensive review of the North Texas Tollway Authority.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011)

    Colling County Judge Keith Self said the NTTA is working with county leaders but declined to say whether a state audit was necessary.

    "I understand their point, that NTTA was created by an act of the Legislature and, certainly, the Legislature has every right to determine if they want to handle a review of an entity they created," he said.

    But recommendations made by the state carry more weight and can be enforced -- unlike any possible county review recommendations.

    "The findings of the review will be provided to the board, but there is no authority to compel them to act on them," Self said.