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Hook Me Up: Free Starbucks Ice Cream

Coffee giant is offering 280,000 free pints through Facebook



    Hook Me Up: Free Starbucks Ice Cream
    You think Starbucks' ice cream is as caffeinated as its espresso? Not sure, but we're willing to test it out -- especially when it's free.

    Through July 19, you can cool off after a long, hot day of grimy sidewalks and sweaty bus encounters with a pint of FREE ice cream. July is national Ice Cream Month (that could be our favorite month ever) -- and Starbucks is giving away 280,000 free pints of ice cream through a special Facebook promotion.

    Every day, the coffee giant is offering up 20,000 pints of ice cream to the hankering masses. Registered Facebook users can sign up on the Starbucks Ice Cream fan page for a coupon redeemable for a free pint of any flavor of Starbucks ice cream. Just claim one of the 800 coupons available at the top of each hour.

    You can also complete an online form for a $1 off coupon. And seriously, who doesn't absolutely LOVE filling out forms?!

    Pick from one of the four new Starbucks ice cream offerings: Caramel Macchiato, Mocha Frappucino, Java Chip Frappucino and Coffee. Finally, the overpriced coffee chain is offering products for free. Aren't you craving a trip to the 'bucks right about now?