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Dallas Investors to Build 'Restaurant Incubator'

"Incubator" will allow chefs to pitch concepts



    Dallas Investors to Build 'Restaurant Incubator'
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    Dallas investors will build a "restaurant incubator" at the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

    Dallas investors have announced plans for a new development at the base of the newly constructed Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas.

    The Trinity Groves development is planning to open the first phase of its 13-acre development by Summer of 2012.

    But the plans aren't calling for a traditional space, instead the group plans what they claim is the "nation's first restaurant incubator."

    The incubator would allow local aspiring chefs and restaurateurs to pitch a menu and concept to a "Food and Concept Advisory Committee" for consideration. If picked, the concept gets about 2,500 square feet of space in the development, plus some help finding investment dollars.

    "Because of the unique scale and the financing of the project, the chefs and entrepreneurs can afford to fine-tune their concepts.  Or, as I like to say, the chefs and investors can take as many swings of the bat as they need to be a success.  The idea of the incubator is to create scalable concepts that can be expanded on a national level.  The restaurant industry and real estate developers will come here to shop for new concepts and ideas that are being born right here . . . it will be a creative laboratory for entrepreneurship and innovative thinking about food," said Phil Romano, one of the investors in the project.

    The investors plan for the development to include other retailers, entertainment venues, and spaces for entrepreneurs.