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Bud Light Pays Millions for Party Hotel



    Aloft Hotel Becomes the Bud Light Hotel

    The Super Bowl Host Committee estimates the big game will generate a $611 million infusion in North Texas, one percent of that could be spent at Aloft Hotel. (Published Monday, Jan. 31, 2011)

    Bud Light is turning Dallas' Aloft Hotel into the Bud Light Hotel for Super Bowl week.

    The rebranding is just one example of lenghts corporations will go to promote thier brand during the Super Bowl. 

    Bud Light will host four parties on four nights, featuring over a dozen performers including Nelly, Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha. 

    The beer maker rented all 193 rooms for the week and it's building a 55,000-square-foot party and concert hall in the hotel's parking lot.

    The question is, how much does it all cost to put on the week long Super Bowl party? 

    "It's kind of like MasterCard," said the hotel's general manager Scooter Yates. "It's priceless."

    He declined to give specifics on just how much Bud Light is spending, but hotel and party planning insiders came up with an estimate of about $3.5 million.

    That's $1 million to rent the hotel, another $1.5 million to rent and construct the outdoor structures complete with heating systems, flooring and bathrooms. Then, add another $1 million in talent fees.

    If that seems high, insiders we spoke with say the estimate is probably on the low side.