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9/24: Call of the Wild



    9/24: Call of the Wild
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    371021 05: Cars fill a parking lot near Yosemite Falls (background), June 18, 2000 in Yosemite National Park, California. The National Park Service hopes to increase mass transit and reduce the number of cars within Yosemite Valley. (Photo by David McNew /Newsmakers)

    SEE "MY WENA": What country would Bowling For Soup be in the world accessible by Live Nation Club Passport? In the words of Miley Cyrus, "It's a party in the USA." So why are the guys apologizing with the forthcoming Sorry For Partyin'? MTV still loves 'em, our ever-unpredictable editor loves 'em, and hometown House of Blues patrons will eat up their junk-food pop with Red Car Wire and Holy Moly preceding the feast. 8PM.

    DOUBLE GOOD: If you've taken your eyes off the Dallas Museum of Art's Jazz in the Atrium schedule for a bit, be advised: Rhett Butler, the Texas jazzman known for playing two guitars at once without strumming, is on the bill with his band. Check out the hands-on creative outlets offered at Thursday Night Live starting at 5PM; the music starts at 6PM.

    PARK IT HERE: The folks who've answered KERA's donation pleas are living large in nature tonight with a members-only viewing of Ken Burns' The National Parks: America's Best Idea at the Museum of Nature and ScienceIMAX Theater. If you've got the magic card, make sure to reserve your seats for the 7PM screening; if you don't, nudge a friend who's a member (they get a plus one) or note that the six-part series airs on KERA-TV starting Sunday.