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7/17-18: You're DOMA Do Deep Ellum

The Observer is putting on a party today at clubs across Deep Ellum



    7/17-18: You're DOMA Do Deep Ellum
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    See The O's, who'll air on KXT 91.7 Tuesday, at AllGood Cafe.

    LIVE THROUGH THE AIR: Whether you love it, hate it or haven't paid much attention either way, there is no denying that the KERA-affiliated KXT 91.7 has had a great impact on people's ability to discover local music. Plus, now local bands actually have a chance of getting their music on the radio without having to pay an out of town PR company through the nose to get a couple spins on the airwaves. This is a solid line up of folk and americana that takes place at La Grange and no doubt could be sat though beginning to end with no thought of going elsewhere. It starts at 7 p.m. Saturday and goes 'til 2 a.m. Sunday in this order every hour on the hour: Glen Farris, The O's, Chris Holt, Boys Named Sue, The Naptime Shake, Fox and The Bird, Seryn

    TREES AND BONES HAVE LOVELY TONES: The line up at Trees and The Door are both so good we are just going to say to run between them if possible. Start over at Trees to see two Denton acts that have been getting a fair share of much deserved press recently, The Hope Trust and R2B2. Then run over to The Door to catch the Nervous Cutains and The Backsliders. Then, get back over to Trees to catch local buzz builders Ishi, Mount Rightious and The House Harkonnen.

    THE PROPHET'S DOOR: Of course it's always a good time when J Paul Slavens is the announcer at the massive Bud Light Stage, but after you get your fill of current national acts, be sure to run over to check out Chameleon Chamber Group at The Prophet Bar where you where you will promply run over to The Door for Foe Destroyer,Smile Smile, Air Review,Matthew and The Arrogant Sea and Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Then put the cherry on top back at The Prophet Bar with Emotion Brown

    P.S. -- You might want a complete schedule of all this back-and-forthing -- click here for the details.

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