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British Engineer Stacks 5 M&M's, Breaks Guinness World Records Title

Will Cutbill stacked five M&M's for a new world record and said it's surprisingly harder than it looks

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Lockdown boredom led a British engineer to purchase a bag of M&M's, but instead of devouring the candies, he decided to try stacking them to break a Guinness World Records title.

"It was wet, rainy and quite miserable. We were all stuck inside so I thought I'd cheer myself up by getting a bag of M&M's to eat," Will Cutbill, 23, told TODAY Food. "Eventually, I was so bored I started stacking them."

Cutbill, who works as an engineer in Solihull, England, said he Googled to see if there was a Guinness World record he could beat. When he learned it was just four of the candies, he decided to make it his mission to stack at least five.

The following day, with a steady hand and plenty of focus, he turned on his phone video camera and got to work trying to stack the candies.

"It's a lot harder than you think. When I first saw this record I said, 'Let’s give this a go. That looks easy,'" Cutbill said. "But imagine stacking soccer balls on top of each other. It’s probably quite similar to that. If one is out of place, it ruins the entire stack."

At one point, he got up to four candies, tying the record, before his mini tower came tumbling down and he had to try again.

"It took me a good few hours and hundreds of attempts," Cutbill said.

After his world record was verified, Cutbill received a certificate, which he proudly posted on his Instagram account. He said he hasn't heard from anyone at Mars Inc., the parent company of M&M's, about his achievement.

However, Guinness World Records also posted the video of Cutbill's attempts and eventually his record-breaking feat, which prompted plenty of comments.

"Very inspiring, you can do anything you put your mind to! great work young man," one person wrote.

Other people indicated that they might try to come for Cutbill's record.

"I only have to make a stack of 6 M&M's to make a world record? : ) a WORLD RECORD?" another person wrote.

"Only 5? I might try this," someone else added.

Cutbill said he welcomes the competition.

"A bit of a friendly competition is never a bad thing, is it?" he said. "They think it's quite easy, but I think after a few attempts, they’ll see how difficult it is."


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