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Wearing Red May Get You More Green

Waitresses make more in red



    Wearing Red May Get You More Green

    The Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research has solved the age-old question of which color T-shirt waitresses should wear to work.

    Gentlemen, this research will not help you make more waiting tables. According to the results, women are the only ones who benefit from the red T-shirt. 
    In addition, the increased tips percentage were from only male customers. Female customers tipped consistently regardless of the T-shirt their server wore.
    When wearing either black, white, green, blue or yellow tee shirts, the size of the tips from both male and female customers was almost identical. 
    So how much extra does the lady-in-red look bring in? Up to 26 percent, according to the 11 waitresses surveyed in five restaurants over a six week period.
    Previous research has suggested waitresses could earn more if they acted provocatively or wore more make up than their colleagues. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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