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Pickup Truck on Highway Creates Buzz



    Pickup Truck on Highway Creates Buzz
    Brad Johnson
    Truck was driving southbound on I35W near Everman Parkway about 545PM Thursday, Bees were flying around the group of bees when slow and flying off while going about 40-50mph.

    A pickup truck with a tailgate covered in bees caused quite a buzz on Interstate 35W Thursday, but the pickup truck owner says he has bigger bee problem.

    Brad Johnson sent in a photo to NBC 5 of a pickup truck on southbound I-35W near Everman Parkway that was partially covered in bees.

    Calvin Kral the owner of Ed's Transmissions in Grand Prairie says a customer told him the bees had swarmed his pickup in the parking lot.

    Johnson needed to get home to Burleson so he thought he'd just drive and the bees would fly off.

    "I get to Burleson and they're still there. Of course, all the way home I've got people taking pictures of the tailgate of my truck all the way and one, several people following me where I was going," said Kral.

    A neighbor recommended Kral call a beekeeper. He did and all of the bees were collected.

    But the problem doesn't end there for Kral, Friday when he got to work he found bees had swarmed again at this shop, only they were covering his business' mailbox.

    Kral says he'll need to call in another beekeeper.