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Designer Blings Out $35K Golden iPhone 5

Gadget boasts 18-carat gold and diamond-encrusted logo



    Designer Blings Out $35K Golden iPhone 5
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    British designer Stuart Hughes is offering a blinged-out limited edition of the new iPhone 5 (like one shown here) in 18-carat gold and diamonds.

    As if splurging on the new iPhone 5 wasn’t expensive enough, now you can get your Apple gadget gold- and diamond-encrusted for a cool $35,000.

    British designer Stuart Hughes has created a limited edition, 18-carat gold iPhone 5 bedazzled with 53 diamonds,  the Daily Mail reported. The creation is the latest in Hughes’s line of gilded merchandise, from video game consoles to home aquariums to swanky yachts.

    There are 100 of the over-the-top iPhone 5s available.