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Oops! DPD Sends Drugs to CityStore



    Oops! DPD Sends Drugs to CityStore
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    123 bags of illegal drugs seized by Dallas Police were mistakenly sent to the Dallas CityStore.

    Thrifty Dallasites know the benefit of Dallas' CityStore, a storefront where citizens can buy electronics, bicycles, and other items from the Dallas police property room, as well as surplus from other city departments. But among the laptops and off-brand speakers, the CityStore had a filing cabinet full of seized drugs.

    In all, 123 bags of drugs were found inside the cabinet, before it was wheeled out of a storage room. 

    "It was a terrible oversight," Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a department spokesman told the Dallas Morning News. "We're going to see where we went wrong and try to fix that problem.

    Police said the public never came in contact with the drugs, nor were any of the bags opened or tampered with.

    DPD Drugs Recovered from City Store

    [DFW] DPD Drugs Recovered from City Store
    123 evidence bags with everything from cocaine to methamphetamines were recovered from a file cabinet sent to the city store before it could be sold.
    (Published Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

    According to the DMN, the mistake happened in January when Dallas police property room employees moved the filing cabinet out to build more shelves. Empty filing cabinets were then sent to the CityStore to be sold. 

    The department's internal affairs division is now conducting an investigation and those involved could faced disciplinary action.

    All of the seized drugs were connected to cases from 1994 to 2005. Police said the cases tied to the evidence are unlikely to still be pending.