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$200,000 Home Hid $2.5 Million of Weed



    $200,000 Home Hid $2.5 Million of Weed

    Pasadena police have raided a home they say had been converted into an illegal marijuana growing operation, seizing more than $2.5 million in plants and street-ready marijuana.

    The Houston Chronicle reports that police Wednesday arrested two men at the home in Pasadena, located just southeast of Houston. Police say felony narcotics manufacturing charges are pending.

    Police seized about 700 marijuana plants in the raid. Officers with the police's narcotics task force also seized about 2 pounds of street-ready marijuana.

    The home was valued at about $200,000. The rooms used to cultivate the marijuana were air-conditioned and set up for automatic watering and lighting.

    Officials say the growers tapped into a main electrical service line to help power the operation.