Texas Department of Transportation

TxDOT Asks for Public Input on I-20 Improvements

The Interstate covers 635 miles through 22 Texas counties

NBC 5 News

The Texas Department of Transportation is asking for public input about Interstate 20 in order to prioritize improvements on the highway.

TxDOT is collecting input through an online survey asking for respondents' transportation priorities, points of interest and issues that should be addressed.

"This is the first time TxDOT has taken a comprehensive look at the whole I-20 corridor. I-20 is one of the primary east-west travel and trade routes in Texas," Caroline Mays, Director of Freight, Trade and Connectivity Section at TxDOT. "As part of the study process, TxDOT wants input from people who live and work near I-20. This survey is an opportunity for the public to give us their input about what should be addressed in the study recommendations."

Interstate 20 covers 635 miles from Reeves County in West Texas to the Texas-Louisiana border.

The survey will be available from Oct. 25-Dec. 10.

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