Tiff's Treats Owners Looking For Very Special Customer

The founders started the company 22 years ago as students at UT Austin

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Texas-based cookie delivery company "Tiff's Treats" is on the search for someone very special.

The founders started the service 22 years ago when they were sophomores at The University of Texas Austin.

This week, they posted a video on Tik-Tok in hopes of finding their very first customer:

"When we started, we were just baking out of our college apartment and delivering to students at The University of Texas. The very first days we started, we flyered all over campus. We waited three days and we got zero orders," Tiff's Treats co-owner Tiff Taylor said.

"It was pretty embarrassing, but on that next day, we had someone named Amy call us. Little did she know she was our first customer ever," said Leon Chen, co-owner, Tiff's Treats.

Do you know Amy? All we know is that her first name is Amy. She had blonde hair and lived at University Towers in 1999.

Tiff's Treats wants to give her free cookies for a year -- they just need to find her first.

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