Will Cowboys Need a Two-Point Specialist?

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak believes teams could change the way they approach extra points under the new rules

Do the Dallas Cowboys need to start looking for a two-point specialist?

They might soon, if Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak is correct. In response to the extra point rule changes--under which teams can either start from the 15-yard-line and kick for one point, or start on the 2-yard-line for a two-point attempt--Kubiak told USA Today this week that he sees NFL teams employing two-point specialists.

“I think there (are) going to be two-point specialists from the standpoint of how you go about doing it. Coaching, those are things that you work on," Kubiak said. “You probably practice those things during camp. It's not very much and, all of a sudden, it becomes part of the game. That's a big part of practice. It's going to change the way you go about doing things. I know that.”

It could be interesting to see how teams react to the new rules once the season begins, we suppose, but we’d imagine most teams will continue to kick after touchdowns in 2015.

A 33-yard attempt is still a very high-percentage kick, after all. And as for the Cowboys, they have a kicker in Dan Bailey who is the most accurate in NFL history at the moment, for whom the 33-yard extra point shouldn’t be much of a problem.

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