Vote Rangers in 2009

Because if they keep slipping in the standings, the All-Star game might be our last fond memory of the year

With only three days left in the balloting, and despite what has been an ugly month of June, it looks as though Rangers fans will see some familiar faces on the field at Busch Stadium in mid-July, as the AL and the NL suit up for the All-Star Game.
Ian Kinsler was still in the lead at last check, though his lead over Boston’s Dustin Pedroia -- which was once over 100,000 -- has been cut down to just over 6,000.
Josh Hamilton, who will return just before the break still has a firm lead in the outfield, trailing Seattle’s Ichiro and Boston’s Jason Bay but leading the fourth outfielder, Los Angeles’s Torii Hunter by over 100,000.
Michael Young has slipped to fourth among AL third basemen, behind New York’s Alex Rodriguez, Boston’s Mike Lowell and Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria.
Elvis Andrus is third in the voting for shortstop and Jarrod Saltalamacchia is fourth among catchers.
Fans have until 11:59 p.m. ct on Thursday to vote, meaning that, if you haven’t already, its time to cast those ballots for your Rangers. Here -- complete with chauvinistic homer-ism -- is why:
Kinsler, like many of the Rangers has had a rough go of the month of June. His average this month is just .241. But Kinsler belongs in the all-star game. The Rangers second baseman doesn’t have the average of Dustin Pedroia, but that’s beside the point, when it comes to a mid-season exhibition, the ultimate relevance of which is completely questionable.
Kinsler is a sight more exciting than Pedroia, a better runner, a better defensive second baseman and much, much, more of a power threat.
And regardless of assertions that “this time it counts,” the All-Star game is about excitement; big home runs and sparkling defense. Not small ball. (Preemptive apologies to the purists who are now fuming over this sentiment.)
Speaking of big home runs...Josh Hamilton has been hurt lately, and he wasn’t playing all that well when he was healthy. But after last year’s Home Run Derby, it would seem wrong to host a Hamilton-less All-Star Game. Based on this season alone, does he deserve to get in?
Perhaps not; but it’s amazing how far a few well-placed 500 foot home runs will take you in the minds of fans.
It’s hard to argue with the players that are ahead of Young, though that shouldn’t stop you from voting for him until your fingers hurt -- or at least until you’ve voted the maximum 25 times -- whichever comes first.
Young should get your vote, if for no other reason than because he is “our guy,” in North Texas. Had the second baseman turned shortstop turned third baseman done what he has for Texas in New York or Boston, he’d likely be in, each year, regardless of statistics.
So don’t let our geographical location hinder “our guys.” Vote early, vote often, vote Rangers. If Texas continues its skid, after all, the All-Star game might be the most fun we’ll have for the rest of the year.
Balloting in stadiums has ended, but remains available online. The Texas Rangers will give two free tickets to anyone who votes the maximum, 25 times.

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