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VIRAL: Students Write Down Fears on Paper, ‘Kobe' Them Into Trash to Honor Legend

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Kobe Bryant wasn’t just a basketball player, he was an icon. There are few athletes, in general, you can refer to by their first name.

Kobe is one of them.

People who grew up in the Bryant era would line up trash cans, ball up a piece of paper and throw them towards the can. Just before they let the paper go, they would scream “Kobe.” It’s still something kids and adults do to this day. It was the inspiration for a teacher in Atlanta to teach his young students about the legacy Bryant leaves behind -- and the video has since gone viral.

Mr. Michael Bonner, a fourth and sixth-grade teacher at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, said he wanted his students to understand Bryant was the epitome of hard work and perseverance.

“Prior to having my students to write down their biggest fears and struggles, I showed them how Kobe struggled in the beginning stages of his career,” Bonner said. “But through hard work and consistency, he was able to propel himself into one of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen.”

A teacher in Atlanta taught his young students about the legacy Kobe Bryant leaves behind — and the video has since gone viral.

Students at RCA have gone viral on social media in the past for their unique methods of learning. This time, Bonner said he wanted to turn a negative situation into something positive by bringing a lesson to life.

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“If students can learn that even the greatest among us have their own battles they must get through, I believe that will empower them to never back down from a challenge, but attack it with unmatched tenacity,” Bonner said.

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