T.O.'s Version of Reality Hits VH1 Tonight

Terrell Owens is the executive producer of his own reality

The self-proclaimed "8th Wonder of the World" hits VH1 Monday night with his own reality show.

Terrell Owens will reportedly let you into his personal life on "The T.O. Show." We can only assume from the publicity photo for VH1 that we should expect a "stripped down" version of No. 81.

Of the July 20 premiere episode, VH1's Web site summary says:

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Terrell Owens is one of the most talented and exciting players in the history of football. As the controversial "T.O." he seems to have it all --catching passes and grabbing headlines. But life is far from perfect for Terrell Owens, the man. As the show opens he's just been cut from the Dallas Cowboys. To help him get over the shock, his best friends (and publicists), Mo and Kita try to convince Terrell (and his friend/ bodyguard Pablo) to move to LA to work on his love life and explore some post football career options. The next day Terrell gives Mo, Kita and Pablo the good news: he's just signed with the Buffalo Bills! As the friends celebrate, Terrell agrees to move to LA. But where the thoughtful, soft spoken Terrell goes, the wildman "T.O." is sure to follow. Now the girls have their hands full as Terrell "gets his L.A. on" with a sexy real estate agent and a crazy house party that quickly flies off the hook! Terrell also pays a visit to his former fiancée, Felisha. But while Terrell still has feelings for her, nobody's sure what the future will hold.

Drama is sure to ensue anywhere T.O. goes.

Case in point, Owens was one of the sports stars recruited for ABC's "The Superstars" and the show was full of drama as soon as it started.

Owens and his teammate, model Joanna Krupa, were like oil and water (think T.O. and Donovan McNabb). The pair got kicked off the first episode but got to return when an injury took out another team.

The show featured Krupa berating her teammate anytime they lost, and eventually T.O. remembered that he had prior obligations to the Buffalo Bills and his reality show.

One would think T.O. would know his own schedule and realize the two weeks of shooting in the Bahamas wasn't going to work for him.

Foul-mouthed Krupa chewed him out regularly on the show (you can watch footage that hasn't been bleeped on YouTube). She got the last laugh with a last-minute jab at T.O. right before he got in the limo heading to the airport.

“Am I pissed off? Yeah, I’m definitely pissed off,” Krupa said. “When I sign up for a project I give 100 percent. I put so much effort in this show. As most people know, T.O. does have a reputation of not being a good teammate. And I guess I’m another teammate that got the T.O. treatment.”

Owens didn't really respond to Krupa's tirades, except once when he said "I feel really bad for your boyfriend. I feel really bad for him."

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