Tony Romo Has Advice for Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel is entering the last hours of prep time before his big Oscar hosting gig, and he's getting advice from Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

In the middle of an interview with E! News, host Jason Kennedy dialed up No. 9 to give Kimmel some advice.

Romo gave Kimmel some sage advice from the golf course via FaceTime.

"Just don't f--k up the Oscars," Romo joked."At the end of the day, if they are picking you, you know they don't got much to pick from."

Not what you expected right? It probably was not what Kimmel expected either.

"Well thanks Tony. It's a very inspirational talk," Kimmel replied. "I hope you're a coach one day because that's the kind of thing to get the players really fired up."

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