T.O. Thinks Cowboys Should Draft a Quarterback

Terrell Owens played three seasons in Dallas, from 2006-2008

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens, the man who once said the Cowboys have “a T.R. problem” in reference to Tony Romo, now believes the team needs to begin preparing for life after their franchise quarterback retires.

“I think you have to position yourself for life after Romo. You know what I mean?” Owens said this week on The Rich Eisen Show, via the Dallas Morning News. “Just like the Lakers are [in] life after Kobe.

Eisen then pointed out that the Lakers didn’t actually do that great of a job of that.

“I think the thing is luckily Jerry Jones is still above the ground and he can make some decisions,” Owens said. “I think he has his son in that decision-making position now. Again, I think they realize what's really needed. Obviously the quarterback position is very key. With Romo, obviously, with the rash of injuries that he's had the last three years or so, that should be of concern especially moving forward. I think that Romo has realized that if doesn't get the protection of a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady like he needs, then he's susceptible to multiple injuries. He's not going to make it throughout the season.

“I think he's obviously given those guys some heads up that [he's] not going to gripe or moan about it if [the Cowboys] go out and get a quarterback. I think that's really smart on his part. Obviously it'd be an easy transition for him to move on, educate, mentor and tutor another quarterback.”

Of course, with the Rams moving to No. 1 last week and the Eagles moving to No. 2 this week via trades, it’s looking highly, highly unlikely that the Cowboys will go quarterback with the fourth overall pick.

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