Texas Rangers PA Announcer Prepares for Move From Globe Life Park With Memories and Perfect Attendance Record

Chuck Morgan has the best seat in Globe Life Park. From his perch overlooking the field, he can see the diamond, the fans, and on a good day, blue sky. That view is about to change.

"Sometimes it will," Morgan said referring to the retractable roof the new ballpark will have. "Sometimes it will have that view."

On Tuesday night, Morgan will announe his 2,967th game. He hasn't missed a day of work since he started with the Texas Rangers in 1983. Globe Life Park is his home away from home. "In fact, I do probably spend more time here than I do at home," Morgan joked.

As the final six games are set to be played at Globe Life Park, Morgan reminisced on highlights of his decades at the park.

"Telling people, that was so and so's first major league hit. Or ladies and gentlemen, Adrian Beltre has just become the 31st player in the major league history to collect 3,000 hits," Morgan recalled. "Winning that first American League pennant, that's the moment that sticks out."

Morgan's voice is part of the ballpark experience, but he says if he does his job well, fans are unaware he was there. Morgan got his first job announcing at 14 years old. He was paid with two packs of baseball cards, and he was hooked.

"My roots go back to the Grand Ole Opry," Morgan explained. There, he got some valuable advice. "If you're nice to those people out there, they'll be nice right back to ya. I've never forgotten that,and I've carried that from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to a ballpark in Texas."

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The days of Texas Rangers baseball at Globe Life Park are numbered.

"As of today, we've got six to go," Morgan said. "There's really not a better sight than to see a bunch of fans in here, happy, having a good time, and we're about to clinch a win or something. That's pretty cool."

Morgan will follow the team across the parking lot to the new stadium, ready to help write the first chapter of its history.

"You really can't have a bad day at the ballpark," Morgan said.

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