TCU Fan's Shirt Switch Selfie Takes Over Social Media

Social media and sports shows had more than the score to talk about after the Alamo Bowl last night.

In the moments after Texas Christian University beat Stanford 39 to 37, cameras covering the field in San Antonio captured TCU fan Coleman Leonard striping off his purple sweater for a crimson shirt and a snapping a selfie with Stanford's Bryce Love.

He posted the pic with the caption "C'mon guys, its THE Bryce Love"

He explained his actions to the twitterverse with a collage of photos with TCU players and head coach Gary Patterson with the caption "When you already have a pic with everyone you want, why not go for @Blovee_20"

Needless to say fans were not amused, calling him on the quick switch.

And sports websites called him out.

Even Sports Center's Scott Van Pelt got it on the selfie criticism.

Leonard took it a bit further retweeting the picture to Stanford saying "By the way, I'm applying to your school. Should I include this on my application?"

When a TCU fan took Leonard on for being a "bandwagon fan" he responded with, "I've been going to TCU home games for 17 years. I've went to the rose bowl and both Alamo bowls. Both my parents, my aunt, and my grandmother went there. I love TCU but you can't pass up on a pic with Bryce Love."

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