North Texas

Snuffer's Moves Dakburger to Starting Lineup, Now

North Texas restaurant chain Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar says it's calling an audible and rolling out a new burger.

The "Dakburger" has been added to the starting lineup earlier than planned, it was supposed to debut on Sunday, September 11 when the Cowboys' season starts, but on Tuesday, August 30, the restaurant chain announced it's available across North Texas, "NOW."

Chefs at the Arlington location started working on the Dakburger back in April.

It features a 100 percent fresh ground chuck burger topped with Applewood-smoked bacon stripes, Hickory BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and red onions on a poppy seed bun.

"The Dakburger has performed surprisingly well in limited testing, but we were planning to keep tweaking it in the kitchen for another year or so before rolling it out to compete alongside the veteran burgers on our menu," said Tim Schroder, Snuffer’s Vice President of Operations Services in a playfully worded news release. "We hope the Dakburger will become an immediate star and carry our menu for the next 10 years. Or at least the next six to 10 weeks."

It'll cost $7.79, but prices may vary across Snuffer's 11 locations.

Snuffer's plans to keep it on the menu as long as it performs well.

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