Smash, Dash, And Tash: Reunited!

The Cowboys began this season with three healthy and extremely talented running backs. Marion Barber was The Hammer. Felix Jones was the Speed Guy. And Tashard Choice was the Guy Who Does Lots Of Good Stuff But Doesn’t Fit Into One Neat Running Back Genre. That devastating trio was busted up in the home opener against New York, a game in which Dallas ran for 251 yards. Marion Barber hurt his quad, then Felix Jones hurt his knee, leaving Choice to carry the load, which he has done admirably.

Regardless, it’s always better when your three kickass running backs are all healthy, and for the first time in a month, Smash, Dash, and Tash will likely all see the field against Atlanta on Sunday -- says the Dallas Morning News:  


For the first time in more than a month, all three Cowboys running backs were cleared to go full speed in practice Monday and participate in all the drills…

"Oooh yeah, it's good to have the boys back, to have them back rolling," Choice said. "That makes our team better. [Tony Romo] can just turn around and hand the ball off. We all three can go to work. That's good, and everybody can stay fresh that way."

He certainly can. And, if Miles Austin’s big day proves a fluke, Romo can also throw these fine men the ball in the flat and watch them scamper down the field for very large gains. And that’s been a vital part of the Dallas offense thus far. With all three running backs ready to play again (and ready to accept their roles), the Dallas offense is back at full strength. It’s another heartening development in a week in which the Cowboys edged closer to the division lead merely by remaining idle. Suddenly, things are looking good for this team. Sunday marks their next opportunity to justify all those nice feelings.

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