Rolando McClain, Sean Lee, and the Linebacker Test

Cowboys linebackers coach Matt Eberflus shared a fantastic story Saturday morning in Oxnard detailing why he is so excited to coach linebackers Rolando McClain and Sean Lee on the field at the same time. 

In 2010, Eberflus was an assistant coach with the Cleveland Browns and responsible for conducting interviews with college linebackers the Browns would potentially be interested in in the NFL Draft. 

One of his first stops was with Sean Lee at Penn State where, after a brief chat, he handed Lee a 40-question linebacker test. 

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The test was described by Eberflus as “very hard,” but was designed to get a better understanding of the college prospect’s knowledge of the game and the linebacker position.

Lee answered 39 questions correctly out of 40, the highest a player had ever scored on the challenging test. Lee was furious about the one question he had missed.

A few weeks later, Eberflus made his way to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to interview linebacker Rolando McClain.  He handed McClain the 40 question test.  McClain admitted it was very difficult when he handed it back, completed. 

His score? 39 out of 40.

To this day, Eberflus has issued the same 40 question test to “hundreds” of linebacker prospects.  Lee and McClain are the only two to score as high as a 39 on the test.

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