Rangers Ballpark Gets Little Brother's Upgrades

It will never be the shimmering spectacle that is just down the street, but Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks is putting $4 million in upgrades into the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and putting the stadium as close to on par as it can be with its uber-fancy younger brother.

The team said the upgrades are aimed at making Rangers baseball more enjoyable for fans and players alike and include new video displays and better seating.

Officials are removing the stadiums nostalgic manual scoreboard in left field in favor of a new video board that will show instant replays as well as out-of-town scores.  Finally those sitting on home run porch will be able to see video, including the dot race!

The team will also add LED boards to home run porch and around the suite level extending from foul pole to foul pole behind home plate.

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Premium seating, including 91 wider, cushioned seats and a pre-game buffet, is also being added to the area behind homeplate.

What about the players?  The team is adding new padding to the outfield wall -- which should make dramatic home-run-stealing catches by Josh Hamilton a little less painless to watch on the new LED screens.

It's not a 60-yard HD screen suspended in mid-air, but they are incredibly welcome changes to the ballpark. Enjoy, Rangers fans.

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